YBN Group

About us

YBN Group with 100% foreign investment provides the best products and services according to international standards to become the best choice for all customers in the country and around the world. In addition to continuously improving product quality, the Group also always optimizes transportation efficiency to bring reasonable costs to all customers.

Group size

YBN Group's scale includes 3 manufacturing companies in all fields originating from steel raw materials

YBN Company

Specializing in supplying various types of steel coils, cold-rolled steel, and steel plates.

DHP Company

Specializing in the production of steel pipes, round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, and other pipe shapes,... Processing of tube bending, stamping, and cutting, painting production line.

YABAN Company

A specialized factory producing bicycle chains, motorcycle chains, industrial chains, and sprockets under the world-leading brand YBN, with advanced heat treatment processing.

Why choose us?
Hình ảnh
1. Reputation, Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the Steel industry and a good reputation in the market

2. Quality, Innovation

Prioritizing product quality at the forefront

3. Value, Competitiveness


Affordable and most competitive prices.

4. Delivery, Accuracy


Delivery time advantage.

5. Machinery, Technology

Precision of the most advanced machinery and technology.

6. Diversity, Flexibility

Able to meet the diverse needs of customers in terms of raw material variety.

7. Production, Scale

Large-scale production with high output.

8. Research, Innovation

Constantly exploring and researching new technologies to enhance product quality.